The Weekly IN-UNISON: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 Edition

Inside the May 22, 2024, Edition of the Weekly IN-UNISON

Cover  -  An introduction to the May 26, 2024, Sunday Celebration Service with  LUT Connie Munro.  Connie brings forward the message "Not Perfect, But Wonderful." 

Page 2 -  An affirmative prayer through Sandra Blanchard. 

Page 3 -  "Thank you for your commitment" and the DailyWORD, "Commitment."

Page 4 -  "How to Attract the Right Relationship" by Debbie Johnson, plus links to Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Northwest Region resources.

Page 5 -  Highlights from the Sunday, May 19, 2024, Celebration Service with Rev. Larry Schellink,  "Love God, and Tie Up Your Camel."  

Page 6 -  Upcoming Events and Unity in the Olympics Resource information.

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